This is Our Passion

We love doing this stuff


Pain Point

Frustration with results of using the DIY website builder from her hosting company.


Custom Wordpress and Shopify integration to the rescue!

Client Reaction

“An Absolute pleasure! Responsive, professional and extremely easy to work with. A bonus was the video tutorials that were included and ongoing support.”

Dr. Renée Galloway, Certified Professional Coach - Sweet Inspirations LLC

Sweet Inspirations LLC

Client was referred to us after struggling to build her own website with the website builder and ecommerce solutions provided by her hosting company. Both results were not up to her standards. Website was not mobile friendly. Shopping cart was extremely difficult for both client and customers to use.

We started from scratch with a fresh WordPress install and custom designed Genesis theme. We chose Shopify for her ecommerce platform. Client was amazed at how easy Shopify was to use, while providing her customers the ultimate shopping experience.

Client:  Sweet Inspirations LLC