This is Our Passion

We love doing this stuff


Pain Point

Course management system didn’t tie into website.


Integration of Wordpress and Thinkific makes transition undetectable.

Client Reaction

“The team kept working with us well beyond my expectations. Inspired Creatives know their stuff, AND they made the project fun! Plus they sent us short how-to videos so we can be in charge of our own website changes…”

Barbara MacKay, Certified Professional Facilitator and Assessor IAF Hall of Fame Inductee - North Star Facilitators

North Star Facilitators

Client came to us with a  very content heavy site that they had been growing for 10+ years. Their new site needed to be easier to navigate, resource-rich, include her online course platform, and invite the visitor to explore.

We worked with UX/UI designer to implement her beautiful design that reflected client’s new-found vision – to impart her vast knowledge of process facilitation to a new generation. We customized her Thinkific online course platform to match the website and integrate seamlessly. The result – a website and online course that offer visitors a frictionless user experience.

Client:  North Star Facilitators