Pain Point

Client's landing page software was hard to use & lacked customization.


We designed a series of custom landing pages at a fraction of the cost.

Client Reaction

"A solid, cost-effective solution to increase conversions. Landing pages that shared my message with a strong call-to-action."

Robert E. Jones - Left Brain Professionals

Left Brain Professionals

This government contracts & accounting firm was frustrated with the landing page builder that was included with their CRM software. It was meant to be an easy drag and drop builder. It was, however, a hard to use time suck. The simplest edits took hours.

They’d had enough.

They needed to do a number of promotions to various target groups. And they needed to do it fast.

Inspired Creatives Studio was enlisted to create a series of custom landing page templates that were easy to edit. All this with no hidden costs and no monthly membership fees.

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